Street conversations: talking about veganism effectively

When you are talking to someone not only about a sometimes unpopular topic, but one that may also attempt to dismantle their lifelong beliefs, there are some important things to consider. As part of my team at Animal Rights South Australia, one of the more regular forms of outreach we engage in is street education. … Continue reading Street conversations: talking about veganism effectively

Bearing Witness: Animal Activists and Compassion Fatigue

  Authors: Apoorva Madan, Tania Signal, Nik Taylor Behind each story of a suffering animal is an individual who has witnessed and retold it. But the retelling of these stories carries a heavy burden: intimate knowledge of animal abuse. Human abuse of animals is deeply entrenched in our global cultures, what does this mean for … Continue reading Bearing Witness: Animal Activists and Compassion Fatigue

A lasting image

As an activist, I've seen a lot of animal suffering. From starved dogs during my work in a rehabilitation animal shelter, whose bones protruded from their skin after having been abandoned for weeks by their human adopters; to young cows running bewildered among a crowd of noisy onlookers as they were chased by a stranger with a … Continue reading A lasting image

Emotionalism in Animal Rights

To be emotional is to be weak - This is what we are conditioned to perceive from a young age. "Stand tall", "be strong"; the use of strength as an antonym to the expression of emotion is embedded in our language. Where there is credit in our emotions, we find ourselves battling to present the … Continue reading Emotionalism in Animal Rights