Animal activist whistle-blowers: why defending them is defending democracy

Recently the Australian government has been cracking down on vegan animal activist whistle-blowers. Activists entering farms to capture footage may be able to face up to $200 000 fines as of this year, this is despite the fact that activists have captured countless footage of animal cruelty (both legal and illegal practices) in Aussie farms … Continue reading Animal activist whistle-blowers: why defending them is defending democracy

What’s the issue with ‘hero worshipping’ in activism?

We hear the phrase 'hero worshipping' a lot in the animal activist community, especially with the recent rise of public celebrity faces in the movement. Usually it's described as a problem, but I think there's a little more to understand about the rise of celebrities in activism. So I thought I'd break down my thoughts … Continue reading What’s the issue with ‘hero worshipping’ in activism?

Veganism is not a black or white concept

It can be easy to see things in black or white - that something is good or bad, right or wrong, perfect or a failure. Termed as 'polarised thinking' in psychology, this type of thought pattern is recognised as unhelpful due to its irrational and simplistic approach. Most of us think in this way from … Continue reading Veganism is not a black or white concept

A world without slaughterhouses

After the incredible 2018 Melbourne March to Close All Slaughterhouses, which had approximately 1000 people colouring the city red, I began pondering what a world without slaughterhouses would look like.  Here's what I envision: Given animal agriculture is currently the leading cause of environmental damage,  including air and water pollution, mass land clearance and habitat … Continue reading A world without slaughterhouses

The first rule of vegan club: do not make it a club

  As people who aim to protect animals with each meal we eat, identifying as vegan can become a badge of honour. It can permeate into so many aspects of our lives that we no longer see ourselves as simply living vegan, behaving vegan, or thinking vegan, but rather we see ourselves as being vegan. … Continue reading The first rule of vegan club: do not make it a club

March To Close All Slaughterhouses

With the 2018 global March to Close All Slaughterhouses around the corner, I thought I would revisit and share with you my words from the Adelaide March in early 2017. As part of the grassroots activist team I co-coordinate (Animal Rights South Australia), we brought the March to Adelaide for the first time last year, … Continue reading March To Close All Slaughterhouses

Coping after witnessing animal suffering

Bearing witness to the suffering of animals can be powerful yet traumatic. Not only are we exposed to violence, but the empathy we feel for the victims can cause us to suffer vicariously. Add to that the vastness of the cruelty, and the knowledge that it is largely unknown or ignored by most of society. … Continue reading Coping after witnessing animal suffering

PTSD and Trauma in Animal Activists

  There is a very real risk among animal activists of developing a mental health condition that not many are talking about. Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) - a mental health condition initially understood predominantly in the context of war veterans, psychology has since come a long way to explain similar experiences in others who have … Continue reading PTSD and Trauma in Animal Activists